Futurepast Zine #12

FPZ 12_bandcamp

The 12th issue of Futurepast Zine is finally here! It features:

  • Primitive Source
  • Eone
  • Sydonia Recordings
  • Sun People aka Simon/off
  • Kiran Bangerh

If you’ve been listening to our shows on sub.fm some of these names will be familiar with you 🙂

You can buy the zine from our bandcamp page: https://futurepastzine.bandcamp.com/merch/futurepast-zine-issue-12

Also, check out our latest release by Stormcatz:

links to Spotify and other streaming & places to purchase:


10 Wonderful Years!

Been doing this for a while, made some brilliant friends, had some great times….. so we decided to celebrate 🙂 come and join us, and grab some cheap tickets before they go. We are hyped to have West Norwood Cassette Library join us alongside some of the crew. Also, if you see any of the flyers – grab one as there will be a link to some free music 🙂


flyer final_front_awesome

Snail’s Pace – Downtempo Music

It’s finally here. Our latest music compilation featuring a load of amazing artists. Please support us by listening to the music, including the tracks in your playlists and sharing with friends, buying our music, etc…. here’s some links for you:

Juno download: https://www.junodownload.com/products/snails-pace/4232212-02/

Also, check out this video that was made for one of the tracks:

Thanks for any support that you provide 🙂

Big up to all the artists involved:

Snail’s Pace Interview and Mix with Resonant Frequency

This week (15th August) we will be releasing our latest music project, ’Snail’s Pace’. This time round the focus is on downtempo vibes. Check out the interview and mini-mix with Resonant Frequency for more info. The release will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all other digital outlets. Please include us in your Spotify playlists! We’ve had some brilliant support so far.

Interview: https://resonant-frequency.com/futurepast-zine-interview/


Bandcamp: https://futurepastzine.bandcamp.com/album/snails-pace