New Mix & Upcoming Streams

Hey people, we had our 2nd show on Sunday and it was a blast…. however, we forgot to hit the record button 😦 But don’t worry, Hollow & Rawtrachs have provided this mix to make up for it 🙂

Also, we have a ‘mega-weekend’ coming up. We will be doing a 6 hour session on Saturday 25th May 2019, and on the Sunday (26th May) we will be back on for our fortnightly show.


Jakebob Reppin’

Chameleon Audio artists Jakebob and Chemist RNS have cooked up a banger of track which is due to be released on Southpoint later in the year – it’s definitely full of summer vibes and we can’t wait to drop this in our shows. You can check the track below. It was a nice surprise to find Jakebob repping a Futurepast Zine t-shirt (we still have some available in white! ) – big up 🙂


Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 18.05.09


Buy here:


New Music

Right, got a good couple of things for you all to check out, here goes:

Firstly, Analias (who has been part of our compilations) has released 2 incredible albums over the past month or so. The first one is ‘Process Healing’. A favourite track of mine is ‘No Easy Way’.

The other album is entitled ‘Greyest Hits Vol.2’, and the standout track here is ‘Fade1way’. It’s ‘pay what you feel’ too.

Both of these albums are somewhere between house and techno I guess, see what you think. If you like these, I would grab them as soon as you can as Analias has a habit of releasing music and then taking it offline!

Our next Futurepast Zine release will be ‘Means To An End’. The first 2 tracks from this project will be released via bandcamp on the 19th April 2019, so get ready for it. They will be available on other digital platforms at a later date. This release will be available digitally, and also as a limited lathe cut – there are 13 of these available. The cuts sound absolutely hot! You can check the tracks below – pre-orders might be available on bandcamp if I can be arsed to set it up (

Finally, check out the annual free compilation by Neo Violence which features a track from Rawtrachs ‘The Format’. It has been getting caned from the likes of DJ Mouthwash, DJ Toothpaste, and DJ Salt_Grgl:

Free music

Welcome to our new website, if you’re into what we do then add us to your bookmarks.

To celebrate, here’s some free download codes for our latest release on Futurepast Zine.  Go to and use one of the following download codes:







And be sure to check out our latest release from sister/sub label Alternative Architecture. The latest release here is by Stormcatz and it’s on a wavey/dreamy house tip: