Snail’s Pace – Downtempo Music

It’s finally here. Our latest music compilation featuring a load of amazing artists. Please support us by listening to the music, including the tracks in your playlists and sharing with friends, buying our music, etc…. here’s some links for you:

Juno download:

Also, check out this video that was made for one of the tracks:

Thanks for any support that you provide 🙂

Big up to all the artists involved:

Snail’s Pace Interview and Mix with Resonant Frequency

This week (15th August) we will be releasing our latest music project, ’Snail’s Pace’. This time round the focus is on downtempo vibes. Check out the interview and mini-mix with Resonant Frequency for more info. The release will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all other digital outlets. Please include us in your Spotify playlists! We’ve had some brilliant support so far.




Rawtrachs Live@Listening Sessions x Abstrakt

A few weeks ago, Rawtrachs played a set for Listening Sessions & Abstrakt in Birmingham UK. Here’s a recording of it, plenty of vibes 🙂

Hollow – untitled – Futurepast Zine
Warlock – 36 No Show – We Buy Gold
Rawtrachs – Archaia – Futurepast Zine
STRIKT – Hartelligence – INWYK
Rondema – 3 Yard King – Futurepast Zine
? – IIWII 5 – unreleased
WNCL – Jump Up (Get Beat Down) – unreleased
? – IIWII 2 – unreleased
Trevino – Derelict – Naked Lunch
Yilan – Visibility – Futurepast Zine
UVB – Supply – MORD
? – IIWII 7 – unreleased
Elkie – Blessed Dub – unreleased
Infest – Squaregroove pt4 – Sector Twelve Twelve
? – IIWII 3 – unreleased
? – IIWII 1 – unreleased
Rawtrachs – Heretic – Futurepast Zine
J Tijn – Decimated 30 – WNCL Recordings
Hollow – cr2o – Futurepast Zine
Analias – Defeating the Point of the Object – INWYK
Rawtrachs – Rockin’ – unreleased
Bobby Champs – Krenshaw (J Tijn’s drum tool)

Don’t forget, we have our next show on coming up

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